Rakt Kavach Syrup

Rakt Kavach Syrup

According to Ayurveda, having pure blood is a sign of good health. Impure blood can cause many diseases. Exposure to the wind and unstable emotions are some of the causes that can cause impure blood. Pureness of the blood can be determined from its color. All the three doshas influence the blood color. The influence of vata turns blood more reddish, thin, frothy, and non-slimy. Pitta makes it dark red with delayed clotting, while kapha turns the blood pale and viscous.
Herb in Raktkavach Syrup has antiseptic properties that are vital for blood cleansing and can fight blood clots. It helps in the assimilation of iron and improves the quality of blood. These help purify toxins build-up in the blood. It also cleanses the blood by flushing out acids and purifies the kidney. It cleanses the blood and improves blood circulation.


Useful in Raktshodhak, Tavacha & Lavanya.
Helpful in any type of Skin Disease
Lowering Hair Fall Problems
Prevents Spinning of Head
Activates anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties
Acts as rejuvenator and laxative for assisting digestion
Gives a healthy vision, curable for any eyes irritation problems

Composition (Each 5 ml contains)

Neem Punchang : 250 mg
Chirayta : 150 mg
Gorakh Mundi : 200 mg
Baccuchi : 50 mg
Amalki : 80 mg
Daru Haridra : 100 mg
USBA : 140 mg
Giloy : 200 mg
Bhringraj : 150 mg
Valvidang : 150 mg
Jawasa : 200 mg
Khair Chhal : 220 mg
Manzith : 100 mg
Krishan Sariva : 150 mg
Sugar : q.s.

Product Specifications

Type : Syrup
Quantity : 200 ML
Indications : Useful in Raktshodhak, Tavacha & Lavanya etc.
Dose Children : 1-2 teaspoonful thrice a day
Dose Adults : 2-4 teaspoonful thrice a day
Contraindications : Nothing
Side effects : None
Expiry : 36 Months

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