Ortho Relax Capsule

Ortho Relax Capsule

Joint pain can cause resistance in movement and are sometimes accompanied by swelling and stiffness in the joints. Ranging from mild to severe, the pain can be due to arthritis, gout, sprain or injury affecting the ligaments and tendons surrounding a joint. According to Ayurveda, inflammation and swelling in the joints is caused by the aggravation of vata dosha which deposits toxins on the sites of the joints. Ayurvedic treatment for the condition is directed at balancing vata in the body.
Symptoms associated with jpint pains include:
Joint pain and tenderness
Joint pain and tenderness
Loss of joint function
Joint stiffness
Weight loss


Useful in all types of Neuralgic Pain, Muscular, Sciatica & Joint Pain.

Composition (Each 500 mg contains)

Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus) : 40 mg 
Trikuta : 60 mg 
Methi : 20 mg
Amahaldi :30 mg 
Nirgundi (Vitex Nerugundo Linn) : 20 mg 
Arand : 40 mg
Vijayshar (Pterocarpusmorspiun) : 10 mg 
Shudh Shilajit : 30 mg
Rasana Ext. : 100 mg 
Salakhi Gugal Ext. : 70 mg 
Aswagandha (Withania Somnifera) : 75 mg
Preservative : Sodium Benzoate 2%

Product Specifications

Type : Capsules
Quantity : 30 Capsules Pack
Indications : Neuralgic, Muscular, Sciatica & Joint Pain.
Dose : 1-2 Cap. twice a day
Side effects : None
Expiry : 24 Months

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