Kesh Keshri Hair Oil

Kesh Keshri Hair Oil

Kesh Keshri Oil is all natural Ayurvedic hair oil. We believe in balancing the needs of man and nature, so both take care and respect each other. We believes in only using organic and natural ingredients in its Ayurvedic hair oil. Our philosophy is that nature offers everything your hair needs for nourishment and healing.
A good head massage keeps the nervous system healthy. Applying oil to hair and massaging is one of the ways to improve hair strength and hair quality as per Ayurvedic principles. Apart from this applying hair oil has several other benefits including calmness of mind, sleep improvement, headache remedy, helps people suffering from baldness, prevents premature greying of hair, stress, insomnia and other diseases associated with nervous system.
To improve the quality of hair and to promote hair growth and prevent early greys and split hairs, it is better to apply hair oil at night and take a warm water head bath on next day morning. But applying hair oil on the day after bath is not desirable as the hair may attract dust and grime when you go out in the sun. For better hair growth, oil can be applied to scalp, hair root and length of the hair. It is good to warm up the oil a little before applying as it helps in better absorption.

Benefits of Kabir’s Kesh Keshri Hair Oil

For strength, Protection and Repair of Hair.

Composition (Each 20 ml contains)

Aloe Barbadensis : 3 mg 
Centella Asiatica : 3 mg 
Terminalia Chebula : 2 mg 
Terminalia Belerica : 1 mg 
Emblica Officinalis : 2 mg 
Acacia Concinna : 2 mg 
Eclipta Alba Husk : 4 mg 
Nordostachys Jatamansi : 1 mg 
Hedychium Spicatium : 2 mg 
Cyperus Rotundus : 4 mg 
Convolvuluspluricaulis : 4 mg 
Azadirachta Indica : 4 mg 
Malia Azedarch : 100 mg 
Adhatoda Vasica : 250 mg 
Berberis Aristata : 250 mg 
ValerianaWallichii : 200 mg 
Glycyrrhiza Glabra : 500 mg 
Cyperus Rotundus : 300 mg 
Jatropha Curcas : 50 mg
Chandan Oil : 0.25 ml 
Til Oil : 20 ml

Product Specifications

( For external Use Only )
Type : Oil
Quantity : 100 ML
Indications : For strength, Protection and Repair of Hair.
To be Used as : External Application
How to use : Apply on effected area as per requirement.
Side effects : None
Expiry : 24 Months

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